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Scouts Helping NI Scrubs #scoutshelpingout

NI Scrubs is a group of volunteers who dusted off their sewing machines and have risen to t

he challenge of making extra scrubs for any frontline workers who need them during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Scouting Ireland joined the call early on and is now a vital part of the NI Scrubs initiative with our volunteer drivers help deliver fabric, supplies and send out the completed scrubs to sewers.   Additional drivers have since volunteered and we have extended our offer of help to all four of our scouting counties, with our County Commissioners now co-ordinating those efforts.

To date our volunteer drivers have covered over 5,000 miles for NI Scrubs!  A lot of the NI Scrubs groups have stopped/slowed down production as health trusts confirmed availability of scrubs.  There is however one group that remains heavily involved NI Scrubs Belfast and Lisburn as they finish the sewing of pre-cut scrubs which continue to find worthy homes.  Gareth Clarke, County Commissioner for Down and Connor is co-ordinating pick-ups for the sewers and has a team of 18 Scouter/SFNI drivers.  The team of Scouter/SFNI drivers completed a total of 534 miles last week (so not slowing down just yet).  Also worth mentioning that a Scouting Ireland sticker goes on every pack of finished scrubs that is sent to care workers!  The work continues for sewers as their focus begins to change from making scrubs to making face coverings for the vulnerable in the community. 

As a commemorative idea of this massive piece of volunteer work all the NI Scrubs volunteers involved, whatever their role, have been asked to provide a memory square will be sewn together as a commemorative piece.  Michele Dorris from SFNI office is currently working on a Scouting Ireland memory square, incorporating all the scout groups badges of the volunteer drivers and the Northern Province badge.

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