Community Grants Programme will support charities to REACT to this pandemic, PREPARE to reopen services or adapt their services accordingly, and to RESTORE/RENEW their operations in order to deliver what may be for many, a new way of life.

NI scout groups are eligible to apply to the Foundation for support.  


Their average grant for 2019/20 currently stands at £4,900.  To apply go to:


The guidance for completing the application is attached.  Normal information about your charity is required. 


You must then outline up to two objectives for your proposed project and how these will be achieved and the costs involved. 

For example:

Objective 1. Tailoring our scouting programme to cope with COVID safely and in line with government guidance

Objective 2. Preparing our premises for a return to scouting indoors safely and in line with government guidance


Some ideas as you prepare to restart scouting could include (please feel free to share any other funding ideas and I will circulate):


Programme Ideas


  • Shelter tents to support outdoor activities in all weather

  • Trangia stoves and fuel due to focus on outdoor activities

  • Orienteering pack, compasses, maps so that each child should have their own equipment

  • Additional craft resources (pencils, markers, glues, etc.) so that each child has their own equipment.

  • STEM packs

  • Beaver maps and bags


Premises Ideas

  • Signage (interior and exterior) to help maintain social distancing and hygiene in common areas

  • Adequate facilities for hand hygiene  e.g. hand sanitiser stations, liquid soap, disposable paper towels, anti-bac hand gel

  • Waste bins, bin bags

  • Cleaning materials due to requirement for more regular cleaning of equipment and premises to deter the spread of the virus.

  • Cost of an enhanced clean by an external firm prior to returning indoors



You must upload the following documents (check the funding page on our webpage password si2020 for these supporting documents):

  • Your group constitution

  • Your most recent signed accounts

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate

  • Safeguarding policies – Code of Good Practice and Adult Safeguarding Policy


Please be mindful if you have already applied for funding elsewhere for the same projects.

Scout Foundation NI

228 Antrim Road


BT15 2AN

t: 028 9266 7696